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The Success Of A Successful Entrepreneur Essay - 1528 Words

â€Å"Success is not a key to happiness; happiness is a key to success. If you love what are you doing, you will be successful,† said by Albert Schweitzer (Brainy Quote, 2016) This quote shows that everyone can be successful in their own life, human will be happy when they love or enjoy what they are doing and it is the first step to become successful. Nowadays there are pretty of businessperson, therefore being businessperson are completely different from successful businessman and businesswoman because not everyone can be successful business man or women. Many entrepreneurs may had failed to build their own business but some of them are never giving up, that is why most of the successful entrepreneurs have failed their business before and they know how to settle or solve with lot of problems and it makes their business become successful. The researcher has chosen Anna Wintour, she is an editor in chief of Vogue magazine US. In this essay, the research would like to describe the Anna Wintour’s business, investigate her background, identify why she is become a successful entrepreneur and what are all her skills to become successful editors of Vogue Magazine US. Vogue magazine is a worldwide well-known American fashion and lifestyle magazine that published in 23 different counties and regional editions by Condà © Nast. It was founded in 1892 by Arthur Baldwin Turnure as a weekly high-social journal for a big city in USA, New York’s city, the articles were reviewed about books, playShow MoreRelatedThe Success Of A Successful Entrepreneur3266 Words   |  14 Pagesthat are viable and interest individuals, as it is always difficult to lure people to something that they have not yet seen results or make people believe in a product they have never heard off. Hence as an entrepreneur I had to adopt the necessary skills required to be a successful entrepreneur which are, resiliency, focus, invest for long term, find and manage people, sell, learn, self-reflection and self-reliance. It is very important for one to be independent and be able to be resourceful enoughRead MoreThe Success Of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur1362 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"They say most Entrepreneurs born with these management skill come from a rare breed of people with intelligence, great heart, and creative skills. They are visionary and self confident, good communicators with unlimited energy, and have a string passion for what they do† It is usually things outside of our control that causes a venture not to succeed. Simple fact, everyone is not cut out to be an entrepreneur, but to last and be great takes a lot. Anyone can be an entrepreneur, but to last andRead MoreThe Successful Entrepreneurs1264 Words   |  6 PagesBUSINESS MANAGEMENT ( FMG0044 ) ASSIGNMENT 1 : â€Å" THE SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS † Lecturer : Sir Azizi Name : 1) Ahmad Zul Iqmal B. Zulkifli (012012051643) 2) Khoo Chee Hong (012012050692) CONTENT 1) Introduction 2) Profile / Background of the entrepreneur 3) The success characteristics / traits of the entrepreneur 4) How should I imply his / her success attitude to improve my personal development / my life ? 5) Conclusion INTRODUCTION EntrepreneurshipRead MoreCharacteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs1015 Words   |  5 PagesCharacteristics of successful entrepreneurs An entrepreneur is someone with the capacity to lead a business to success and is willing to take the risks in order to accomplish their goals. (Dollonger, 2002). Starting a new business is an example of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are very important in order for any business to succeed, however, only some entrepreneurs will succeed in life. Here are some of the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. Passion Most successful entrepreneurs are have a passionRead MoreThe Four Key Ideas Entrepreneurs Essay1564 Words   |  7 Pageswhat it means to be an entrepreneur (Busenitz et al., 2003). Entrepreneurs are habitually opportunistic when seeking prospective opportunities; therefore it is crucial that entrepreneurs should abide by four key ideas when seeking opportunities. The four key ideas entrepreneurs need to embody when seeking opportunities are, denoting the entrepreneurial mind-set, innovation, Passion, leadership and creating economic value. Through the understanding of these key ideas entrepreneurs will be able to seekRead MoreOverview of Entrepreneurship1418 Words   |  6 Pagessuch as labor, land and capital in order to realize profits. An entrepreneur is any person with the ability to manage, assume the risk, and conduct business in order to gain profits. An entrepreneur can identify opportunities, combine locally available resources, and make a plan to start a business. In sim ple terms, an entrepreneur is someone who can create value in resources. Entrepreneurship is a day-to-day activity where an entrepreneur regularly comes up with new ways of doing business and creatingRead MoreTraits of Successful Women Entrepreneurs.1259 Words   |  6 Pagesthat female entrepreneurs are motivated by a desire for independence, job satisfaction, economics and a need to achieve (Schwartz, 1976). A women entrepreneur is a confident, innovative and creative woman capable of achieving economic independence individually or in collaboration generates employment opportunities for others through initiating establishing and running an enterprise by keeping pace with her personal, family and social life. List of some of the successful women entrepreneurs Ekta KapoorRead MoreEducation And Study At Universities1414 Words   |  6 PagesHowever, what about for entrepreneurs? People who don’t want to work in a steady paid job, but who wants to be their own boss. Do entrepreneurs need to study for a University degree? Would, in the course of studying a degree, increase the chance of becoming a successful entrepreneur? Does higher education teach the necessary skills to help people be successful in running a business? Thus, lead to my research topic. I would like to investigate whether successful entrepreneurs obtained their necessaryRead MoreSkills, Traits, And Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneur1210 Words   |  5 PagesCharacteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur Anonymous Author University of the People Entrepreneurship 1 3303 â€Æ' Abstract Skills, traits or characteristics are essential ingredients in being a successful entrepreneur. Although these ingredients are numerous, an entrepreneur should develop the ones that are relevant to becoming successful. This paper will first examine skills, traits, and characteristics that are more important to have as an entrepreneur. Then, we researched and explored entrepreneurs who co-foundedRead MoreThe Practice Of Entrepreneurship Through Time And The Global Enterprise1642 Words   |  7 Pagesvision with the overarching goal of holistic success and autonomy (Arthur Hisrich, 2011). The entrepreneur exudes behaviors which foster initiative, orchestrate options, and accept responsibility for the success or failure (Arthur Hisrich, 2011). Entrepreneurship has transformed the global marketplace and imprinted all disciplines. Therefore, a balanced discussion on identifying features, characteristics, and venues of consequence for an entrepreneur will drive the direction of this ana lysis.

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The Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria Essay - 794 Words

My research topic will explore the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also known as (ISIS). I chose this topic because it has been an ongoing issue recently along with being a hot and dangerous topic. Picking this topic will help me exploit my audience and grab their attention. Before choosing this topic, I didn’t know very much about it until I did some research and realized how dangerous this Islamic group really is. During my argument I will argue how ISIS has divided countries and have caused mass destruction along with bloodshed. In my paper I hope to persuade my audience from joining ISIS and what we can do to help control the on going issue in Syria and Iraq. I envision my audience being my entire English 104 class; I believe most of them or if not all of them will support my claim. My fellow classmates will agree with my argument because its ISIS is fighting for the wrong reason and acting out violently across the world. My audience can expect my writing style to be ve ry convincing, very well detailed, supporting my argument, and also a paper that flows. In my research essay, I will include multiple questions relating to my topic that will allow me to support my argument. †¢ How much will the war cost? The Iraq War was supposed to be cheap because we weren’t supposed to be there that long. Unfortunately we did the complete opposite. Officials said that we weren’t suppose to spend more than 50-60 billion dollars there but now officials have estimated that we spentShow MoreRelatedThe Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria1702 Words   |  7 Pagesinto a post-Al Qaeda era in the Middle East, a new threat has emerged from the ashes of the 2003 invasion of Iraq and later in the 2011 war in Syria. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS, ISIL or Daesh) has rapidly become the most pressing foreign policy concern in the Middle East for the United States. In the last four years, Daesh has gathered swaths of territory in both Iraq and Syria, although it has been driven back thanks to coalition efforts to counter the group. The coalition in placeRead MoreThe Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria1388 Words   |  6 Pagesthere is a new extremist organization that rivals even al -Qaeda (Be auchamp 1). This terror group is named the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria., or in short, ISIS. Three years ago, ISIS did not exist but now it controls parts of Iraq and Syria and has made its own state. Terror organizations like al-Qaeda are merely terrorists groups while ISIS has captured and created their own state. ISIS is a well developed organization that has shown their handiwork repeatedly on social media and YouTube (KhederyRead MoreThe Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria1603 Words   |  7 PagesThe Background: The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) came to power a decade ago as a small terrorist threat that grew out of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda. When the United States began to pull its troops in the Middle East, Iraq leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, took advantage of the unstable government and reinvigorated ISIS. In just this past year, ISIS has shown us that it is more powerful than Al Qaeda by conquering oil fields and territory in Iraq and Syria with the hopes of creatingRead MoreThe Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria1746 Words   |  7 Pages The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is the newer and more intimidating version of the famous terrorist group Al Qaeda. The group makes an appearance in the news almost every day. Over the past couple of years, they have multiplied in numbers. Not limited only to the Middle East, there are people all over the world who have proclaimed allegiance to ISIS. The Islamic extremist group has set out to destroy anything or anyone that comes in their way or do not agree with what they stand for. InRead MoreIslamic State Of Iraq And Syria1629 Words   |  7 Pages Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a military and political organization which is mainly led by nationals of Iraq and Syria. ISIS has committed crimes of unimaginable cruelty in Syria and Iraq but the international criminal court (ICC) does not have the power to open a case, according to Fatou Bensouda. The court was unable to prosecute because neither Syria nor Iraq were members of ICC. (ICC, 2015) Crimes which have been reported, consist of mass executions, sexual slavery, rape and otherRead MoreThe Islamic State Of Syria And Iraq2191 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction The Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) is a radical terrorist organization which has separated itself from other terrorist organizations through its scope of violence, ability and pervasive rhetoric. Since its rise to prominence, the group has caused both localized and international turmoil and loss of civilian life. Despite the ardent failure of the United Nations and its member states to recognize the Islamic state as a legitimate state, ISIS has managed to control and establishRead MoreThe Islamic State Of Syria And Iraq1699 Words   |  7 PagesISIS; the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq better known for their mass killings, terrorist attacks, and intense regime. This group was founded in 1999, and was created by people who were former Al Qaeda members. ISIS is a group of terrorists with members positioned all over the world to carry out with mass killings. The members have been radicalized to believe irrational thoughts of killing harmless human beings. The whole world is aware of the issue, and knows that this terrorist group needsRead MoreThe Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria1308 Words   |  6 PagesCanada Should Participate in the Global Coalition to Fight ISIS The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has made headlines throughout the globe this past year with their atrocities against religious minorities and determination to create an Islamic caliphate. They have expressed, throughout, that their primary objective is to establish a Salafist government over the Levant region of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Cyprus, and Southern Turkey(†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦). The group controls hundreds of square miles, whereRead MoreThe Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria1647 Words   |  7 Pages The Legend on Modernist Terrorism The radical Islamic terrorist organization, recently re-titled â€Å"the Islamic State†, has existed under several names since the 1990s. Its history is an epic of how modern terrorism progressed from a religious and political ideal into an obliterating cult. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a properly-armed group that is a threat to the global security. ISIS, whose merciless members delight in murdering innocent people, must be destroyed beforeRead MoreThe Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria1592 Words   |  7 Pages The radical Islamic terrorist organization, recently re-titled â€Å"the Islamic State,† has existed under several names since the 1990s. Its history is an epic of how modern terrorism progressed from a religious and political ideal into an obliterating cult. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a properly-armed group that is a threat to the global security. ISIS, whose merciless members delight in murdering innocent people, must be destroyed before its fanatical followers carry out further

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I Am Part Of The Statistics Of Fatherless Children

Unfortunately, I am part of the statistics of fatherless children. My father left when I was 7, and the situation forced my mother to work 1-2 jobs and eventually left the country to work abroad to earn more money to support me. Growing up as a child, especially as a child of a single mother, I was a â€Å"latchkey kid.† I have spent a lot of after-school time unsupervised while my mom was working. At the age of 8, I have learned to cook, clean, do the laundry, and take care of myself. I had to stand up for myself against the school bullies and discriminating Filipino society, and unlike some of my fellow biracial friends, whose fathers stood up for them, I was left and abandoned by my dad, so I had to defend myself alone. I never wanted to tell my mom, and I imagine it stems from the guilt that I would feel if she comes home from working her second job and I would only create more burden for her while she was doing her best to provide for me. Having a single mom was meant giv ing up on my childhood a little quicker. However, I see that as a positive thing because I have learned to be independent and was able to succeed in some areas of my life. My mom playing both parenting roles has also meant being stronger, and I feel that has had an influence on how I am today. Thank God I was raised differently. My mom and my grandparents raised me to be the woman I am today. They have bent over backward for many years just to put a smile on my face while all my father has managed to do wasShow MoreRelatedGrowing Up Without a Father Essay2537 Words   |  11 PagesScott Rangel Professor Sigauke English Writing 302 11 April 2011 Daddy-less and Disadvantaged â€Å"I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a fathers protection.† --Sigmund Freud, Standard Edition, 1956 Growing up without a father or strong male role model in the United States is extremely difficult. Fatherless children are disadvantaged in American society and face a greater struggle to become successful in their personal, educational, and professional lives. The declineRead MoreViolence in Todays Society1424 Words   |  6 Pagesthe leading cause of death for children, adolescents and young adults is more prevalent than disease, cancer or congenital disorders. In Florida alone, violent habitual offenders admitted to state prisons increased 64% from January 2008 to May 2008 and 32.8% of offenders released are readmitted within three years (Trends in Prison Admissions Report. July 2008. Florida Department of Corrections. Page 72.) Although there are many contributing factors for this increase I will focus on the break up ofRead MoreWho Cared About Their Children s Wellbeing1192 Words   |  5 Pagesabout their children’s wellbeing? Growing up I never knew that I was a par t of something that was not considered â€Å"normal† by societal standards. To me, having a father that lived with you is abnormal. Having a father that cared for you is abnormal. Having a father that loves you is abnormal. The word ‘father’ is the weirdest word in the English dictionary. Supposedly, my father makes up half of my DNA makeup. But, does that truly make him my father? I knew that the term ‘family’ generally referredRead MoreIncome Inequality: It’s Effect on African-American Single Mothers and Their Children1629 Words   |  7 PagesIncome Inequality: It’s Effect on African-American Single Mothers and Their Children. I believe that it’s not fair for single mothers to get paid less, when some of them are the back bones of this country. Currently the minimum wage, in the United States, is set to 8$ per hour. Women in general are only paid 77%, so it is appropriate to assume that through mathematics, women get a wage as high as $6.16. African-American women only get paid 64% of every dollar a man makes. If the minimum wage isRead MoreOutline Of Narrative Of Phylicia My Wife 1542 Words   |  7 Pagesshifted the conversation. â€Å"Who do you live with?† asked one of the girls to Phylicia. â€Å"I live with my mom and stepdad† answered Phylicia, â€Å"Who do you live with?† she asked in return. One of the other girls chimed in â€Å"Oh I live with my mom,† with a casual sound to her voice. The next girl answered the question â€Å"I live with my mom and step dad,† with a similar nonchalant tone to her voice. The last girl answered â€Å"I live with my mom and dad.† They sat there staring at her like a Martian. The conceptRead MoreSocial Inequality : Inequality And Inequality3119 Words   |  13 Pagesoffenders as well as for their children, increasing the prospects for more crime. In society, I am considered a lower part of the American middle-class. If one was to look at United States Bureau statistics, which isolate household income into sections, we could state that the middle section, or 20 percent, may be the middle class (Robertson, 2008). In 2006, the normal income for households in that middle group was $48,561 and the upper limit was $60,224. I am an unemployed, full-time studentRead MoreEssay about Divorce in American Society1338 Words   |  6 Pageswork together, support one another, and seem to have all of lifes problems figured out. The media is catching up to society and showing more single-family sitcoms with down to earth family relationships such as Blossom, Sinbad and Married with Children. These types of families show the nuclear family of today. They experience day to day worries and concerns with the reality that everything is not always so perfect in the real world. There have been many changes in American families sinceRead MoreChanging the Images of Artilces2457 Words   |  10 Pagesfront of you Then ask you seriously, whatchu wanna do?† The societal implications of such a verse would be an increase of rape in the minority community, an increase in the number of incarcerated minority males, an increase in the number of fatherless children (which, in turn, leads to an increase in both juvenile and adult delinquency), and promoting the labeling theory which turns into self-fulfilling prophecies, or Thomas Theorems, which further foster deviance. Verses like â€Å"Ima rape her takeRead MoreThe Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln2587 Words   |  11 Pagesalways been role model for me. It was a great experience to discover him and his life. This research paper was completed with support and help of my professor Christopher Schroeder. I also like to appreciate the academic institutes like Harper College and Rochester Institute of Technology which proved to be ve ry resourceful. I would like to thank my parents and sister and my aunt for supporting me and in making this research paper near perfect in terms of content. Thank you. The historyRead MoreWilliam Bratton and the Nypd12122 Words   |  49 PagesControl through Middle Management Reform Andrea R. Nagy1 Joel Podolny2 William Bratton, commissioner of the New York Police Department from 1994 to 1996, presided over a dramatic decline in the city’s crime rate. Hired by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani as part of a new crime fighting initiative, Bratton embraced the â€Å"broken windows† theory that had made him so successful as chief of the city’s transit police. According to this theory, when a community ignores small offenses such as a broken window on a parked

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Capital Budgeting Decision

Question: Describe about the Capital Budgeting Decision? Answer: Net Present Value (NPV) Defining theNPV methodis simple; the present value of cash inflows minus the present value of cash outflows, which arrives at a dollar amount that is the net benefit to the organization. To compute NPV and apply the NPV rule, the authors of the reference textbook define a five-step process to be used in solving problems (Ang and Chng, 2013): Identify all cash inflows and cash outflows. Determine an appropriate discount rate (r). Use the discount rate to find the present value of all cash inflows and outflows. Add together all present values. (From the section on cash flow additively, we know that this action is appropriate since the cash flows have been indexed to t = 0.) (Holland and Torregrosa, 2008) Make a decision on the project or investment using the NPV rule: Say yes to a project if the NPV is positive; say no if NPV is negative. As a tool for choosing among alternates, the NPV rule would prefer the investment with the higher positive NPV (Di Bella, 2011). The Internal Rate of Return The IRR, orinternal rate of return, is defined as the discount rate that makes NPV = 0. Like the NPV process, it starts by identifying all cash inflows and outflows. However, instead of relying on external data (i.e. a discount rate), the IRR is purely a function of the inflows and outflows of that project. The IRR rule states that projects or investments are accepted when the project's IRR exceeds a hurdle rate. Depending on the application, the hurdle rate may be defined as the weighted average cost of capital (McMillan, 2010). Advantages and disadvantages While useful NPV and IRR methods are useful methods for determining whether to accept a project, both have their advantages and disadvantages (Peterson Drake and Fabozzi, 2002). Advantages: With the NPV method, the advantage is that it is a direct measure of the dollar contribution to the stockholders. With the IRR method, the advantage is that it shows the return on the original money invested. Disadvantages: With the NPV method, the disadvantage is that the project size is not measured. With the IRR method, the disadvantage is that, at times, it can give you conflicting answers when compared to NPV for mutually exclusive projects. The 'multiple IRR problem' can also be an issue, as discussed below (Quiry, 2009). Under what circumstances might net present value method be preferred overinternal rate of return method? Each of the two rules used for making capital-budgeting decisions has its strengths and weaknesses. The NPV rule chooses a project in terms of net dollars or net financial impact on the company, so it can be easier to use when allocating capital. However, it requires an assumed discount rate, and also assumes that this percentage rate will be stable over the life of the project, and that cash inflows can be reinvested at the same discount rate. In the real world, those assumptions can break down, particularly in periods when interest rates are fluctuating. The appeal of the IRR rule is that a discount rate need not be assumed, as the worthiness of the investment is purely a function of the internal inflows and outflows of that particular investment. However, IRR does not assess the financial impact on a firm; it only requires meeting a minimum return rate (Zhao, Al Bahar and Chang, 2013). Discuss the possible impact that an individual managers performance criteriamay have on capital investment decision-making. Capital investment decisions also can be called capital budgeting in financial terms. Capital investment decisions aim includes allotting thecapital investment fundsof the firm in the most effective manner to make sure that the returns are the best possible returns. Assessing projects as well as the allocation of the capital depends on the project requirements are some of the most crucial capital investment decisions aspects. There might be many different criterias for choosing the appropriate and right capital investment decision. For e.g., a company might stress on projects that assure for prompt returns while a few other companies might assert on projects which ensure for a growth in the long term. The important aim of capital investment decision is increasing the firms value by taking on a good project at the perfect time. The power to study as well as take capital investment decisions permits an individual as the manager or owner of a particular business to make sure that their resources which are limited are apportioned to the project(s) which would best accomplish their strategically goals (thus they also are at times denoted as strategic capital investment decisions). Capital investment decisions mostly are regulated by the procedure of rating and identifying the organization's capital investments. The company ought to decide as to which of the capital investments that are given, would ensure the maximum value to their business and thus they can make their capital investment decision (Di Bella, 2011). In the capital investment appraisal process risk and uncertainty are viewed as acompany-wide risk. Are there any differences and similarities between the riskand uncertainty? Explain. Risk and uncertainty both relate to the same underlying conceptrandomness. Risk is randomness in which events have measurable probabilities, wrote economist Frank Knight in 1921 in Meaning of Risk and Uncertainty. Probabilities may be attained either by deduction (using theoretical models) or induction (using the observed frequency of events). For example, we can easily deduce the probabilities of the possible outcomes of a game of dice. Similarly, economists can deduce probability distributions for stock market returns based on theoretical models of investor behavior. On the other hand, induction allows us to calculate probabilities from past observations where theoretical models are unavailable, possibly because of a lack of knowledge about the underlying relation between cause and effect. For instance, we can induce the probability of suffering a head injury when riding a bicycle by observing how frequently it has happened in the past. In a like manner, economists estimate probability distributions for stock market returns from the history of past returns. References Ang, R. and Chng, V. (2013). Value Investing in Growth Companies. Hoboken: Wiley. Di Bella, G. (2011). The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Microfinance and Policy Implications. Washington: International Monetary Fund. Harris, P. (2013). Profit Planning. Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers Ltd. Holland, J. and Torregrosa, D. (2008). Capital budgeting. [Washington, D.C.]: Congress of the U.S., Congressional Budget Office. McMillan, E. (2010). Not-for-profit budgeting and financial management. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley. Peterson Drake, P. and Fabozzi, F. (2002). Capital budgeting. New York, NY: Wiley. Quiry, P. (2009). Corporate Finance. John Wiley Sons. Zhao, J., Al Bahar, S. and Chang, S. (2013). Advances in civil engineering and building materials. Leiden, The Netherlands: CRC Press/Balkema.

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Tess of the DUrbervilles free essay sample

Tess of the DUrbervillescharacter Response Paper In literature, vampires are everywhere. No, Im not talking about the recent fad prompted by Stephenie Meyer. There is always a character that preys on another, kind of like Meyers sparkling creations or Count Chocula. Thomas Foster, author of How to Read Literature Like a Professor, goes to say that literary vampirism is inextricably linked to sex. The men of Tess of the DUrbervilles can almost all be seen as vampires(in one sense or another), but the fullest embodiment of this role is Alec DUrberville. Everything about Alec portrays him as a vampire. His dark hair and fair skin; his constant showing up unexpectedly; his obsession with Tess; he is definitely akin to Dracula. Aside from the most obvious way that he preys on Tess, by raping her, he does so emotionally. Even though Alec vanishes after that fateful night in the woods, Tess is left with his baby. We will write a custom essay sample on Tess of the DUrbervilles or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page When Sorrow dies, sorrow is not gone. Tess is left with nothing, a grave reminder of the life that Alec stole from her. When Angel runs off to Brazil, and Tess is again in Alecs arms, he still preys on her emotions by making her believe that Clare will never return. When Tess kills Alec, she does it appropriately for any vampire: a steak(knife) through the heart. Although Alec is a perfect example of a literary vampire, he is not the only in the novel. Angel is very easily classified as a predator, as he he makes Alecs indiscretion Tesss fault, even though he consented with London prostitute. Tess is left with yet another broken heart because of a mans actions. Jack Durbeyfield is also a nocturnal blood-sucker. When Tess killed the familys only horse, he seemed all too willing to give up his daughter for the promise of not ever working again.

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capital punishment on metal re essays

capital punishment on metal re essays As I read Atkins v. Virginia, I was easily reflected on my own experiences with family members and close friends, who suffer from mental impairments. The views and opinions of people vary from mild too extreme. First and far most we are constantly reminded of this by the media. In such case where the criminal is aware of their actions and the consequences tend to plea for insanity in lieu of a lighter sentence. However, we must not forget those who are truly classified as mentally retarded. According to the definition from the Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEAS) and in the state of Virginia, psychological evaluation on an individual current level of functioning and met IQ requirements Substantially limited in present functioning that is characterized by significantly sub-average intellectual functioning, existing concurrently with related limitations in two or more of the following: applicable adaptive skills area; communication; self-care; home living; social skills; community use; self direction; health and safety; functional academics; leisure and work manifested before the age 18. Mental retardation can under the law can only be considered by the approach of a realistic picture of the individual. It also recognizes that the picture can change. As the person grows and learns, his or her ability to get along in the world grows as well. The prosecution and trial of Capital defendants are notoriously flawed. These flaws are magnified when the defendant has mental retardation. Once the person is competent to stand trial, the mental retardation person is deemed capable of understanding the nature and purpose of the legal proceedings and of cooperating, communicating and working with defense counsel. Many people with retardation relinquish critical rights simply...

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Social responsibility of businesses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Social responsibility of businesses - Essay Example If they are to be civil servants taxing and spending for "social" objectives, then they must be elected. Conversely, when the individual proprietor exercises his "social responsibility," he is spending his own money and is justifiable. So the social responsibility of businesses is to increase its profits ethically in free and open competition (Milton, 1970). Stakeholders include owners (who have a financial stake with expectation of returns, employees with their livelihood at stake expectant of security, benefits and meaningful work), suppliers (have their survival at stake and determine the firm's success, customers (exchange resources for products to profit the firm and benefit from the products), the local community (grants the right to firms to construct and returned with good facilities) and management. Management's stake is akin to the employees with the duty to safeguard the welfare of corporation, by resolving conflicts among conflicting stakeholders and balance their interes ts based on a doctrine of fairness (Ed, 1994). The disagreement lies in management. For Ed, the management still fulfils its role as long as the interests of the stakeholders are met with equality (Ed, 1994). As for Milton, once the manager is not an elected civil servant who taxes and spends the proceeds for "social purposes", he seizes to be manager (Milton, 1970). In his article, he explained that w... In his article, he explained that we act as consumers to get what we want for ourselves and we act as citizens to achieve what we think is right or best for the community (Sagoff). This implies that when we will think of national goals, they will go beyond our self-mere interest. Based on this distinction there will be a significant ethical difference between risk that is taken by the consumers (who chooses smoking) and risk that is imposed on them as citizens (subjected to the radioactive waste). Therefore in view of the cost benefit analysis, which sides the consumers, is not an adequate solution to address environmental concerns as it does not allow us "to have power to act as a nation", because we are not "able to acton a public philosophy, conviction, or faith" (Sagoff). 3.2 Name three steps along the roadmap Lovins, Lovins and Hawkin describe. The first step is to dramatically increase the productivity of natural resources by reducing the wasteful and destructive flow of resources from depletion to population through fundamental changes in both production design and technology. The second step is the shift to biologically inspired models where systems can be designed to eliminate the use of toxic materials, which can hamper nature's ability to reprocess materials (closed-loop manufacturing). The third step would be a move to a solutions-based business model where the new relationship from this model of delivering value as a flow of service will align the interest of providers and customers in ways that reward them for implementing the first two steps. 4.1 What are Reich's arguments against corporate social responsibility Make a list, with one sentence summarizing each. "1. Why the interest" describes the increase of interest in "corporate social